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Easy does it. 

I’ve worked with unique businesses in niche industries like fine art galleries, professional photographers, dance and fitness studios, music producers, and more. 

I’m passionate about small businesses and nonprofits, and work really well with established companies who have big plans to level up their operations, but lack the bandwidth or creative power to make it happen on their own. I complete the projects they haven’t touched and take over the ongoing tasks that tie up their day. I’ve helped multiple businesses become more efficient, more profitable, and more focused on their goals - including expanding their brands into the luxury market and adding additional income streams. 

I'm available for both ongoing work and temporary projects. Please get in touch to discuss my availability, rates, and what you're hoping to accomplish. 




Keep your team in the loop and stay front of mind to your clients. I optimize internal & external communication channels by composing email sequences, defining standard procedures and brand voice, creating webpages, and all the other little things that keep you up to date. 

Media Management + Content Creation

Streamline your social media strategy, publish content consistently, and get your platforms to pay off. I manage accounts, facilitate engagement, and capture high-quality photo + video for content across your digital presence.

Digital Products

Enhance your digital presence, establish your expertise, or create more income. I create free downloads, online courses, podcasts, and other unique digital products that represent your brand and engage your audience.

Event Planning

Create personalized brand experiences for your clients and community. I make meaningful events by creating big plans, track small details, and working closely within event expectations and budgets.

Account Management

Hand off your routine client interactions so you can focus on bigger plans. I manage client inquiries, renewals, bookings, and everything else with professionalism and care. 

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